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(Remember those 90's power points?)

Hire a Food Sales Management Team
that gets results

Take your sales/marketing up 10 levels and dominate store level execution

Stop stressing over sales and start growing.

Our retail teams are the engine that will drive your success. When

you sign on with us, you will know what it means to



No longer will your brand be relegated to the heap of failed brands

to the tune of 65% every 10 years. Or the 90% that don’t turn a profit

in those 10 years.

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Our Team

After decades of experience working in category management within some of the country’s top retailers….. WE know what retailers need. Have you ever wondered ‘What makes each different retailer say, “Yes!“?


What you are getting with us is as simple as that. Our knowledge base generates the strategy that targets the retailers reason for saying ‘Yes!’. 


Tony Robbins points out

“Most people vastly over estimate what they can do in 1 year. This depresses them. Then they vastly UNDERESTIMATE what they can accomplish in 5 years or even 10 years.”

Effective Long term strategies that lead to success determines HOW you will become a juggernaut!
Our experience in retailer category management is exactly the powerhouse that generates that execution.

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Why wait to act?

Our specialization is taking a brand to it's 'total market'.

Deepening that profit line, so it gets maximum marketing potential.

You will be stunned.

Check out the brands we represent! 

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